Important info on changes in the park

We have some information for you our Park Friends and also a few favours to ask.

Due to the Council being well over budget they have had to vote for cuts in certain areas. They unanimously voted to save £9,000 on their budget by stopping locking all Greenwich local park gates at night, getting rid of the dog waste bins in the parks and also not mowing a lot more of the grassland. The mowing may prove much better for plants and wildlife,

This was due to come into practice on 1 April, but of course, on top of this, we have COVID 19 regulations and staff shortages. The lockdown means the Cafe, Bridge and Playground have all been temporally closed and the bins will not be emptied now for the next few weeks/months. BUT the park is looking very beautiful and we really need to keep it open at this difficult time as a sanctuary for us all.

We therefore do need to do our bit. Please DO NOT use the bins, take both your dog waste and rubbish home with you. Some very helpful people have been picking up litter and emptying bins because we need to make sure the park is kept hygienically clean, otherwise the Council could shut it until they have the staff to come and clean it up, which could be some time.

So, if you could take a bag with you on your run, walk etc and pick up other people’s litter it would be very, very helpful. I know it’s a big ask and do make sure you wear gloves and of course, Wash Your Hands.

Also if dog walkers could take their dog waste home then that would be very helpful. I have asked the council to make sure there are notices on the bins, but as of last week that hadn’t been done. If someone could do some temporary stickers to say the bins are not in use that would be great as I’m not available at the moment.

If you should see/hear any anti-social behaviour the first port of call is the Met Police Peninsula SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD TEAM on 0208 7212633 or email: Let us hope that won’t be the case, but as neighbours, you may now see this as the nights get longer.

Enjoy the Pleasaunce at this wonderful time of year and perhaps post some fresh pictures on the website or Facebook page for those not lucky enough to be able to get out to see it for themselves.

Oh,  although the Easter Egg Hunt and Summer Festival have had to be canceled we will have one Great Get Together once this is over!

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One thought on “Important info on changes in the park

  1. Eve Daniels

    What a great thing to invest in and the perfect gentleman to open it.

    Well done for raising the funds

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