Join our community orchard volunteer day, 26 May

Orchard Workday Poster - Colour

Artwork by Graeme McGregor,

The Pleasaunce orchard and growing group is holding a volunteer day on Sunday 26 May, from 10am onwards.

All are welcome, children and adults, to help carry out some tree care tasks to help our young apple, pear and plum trees grow strong and healthy.

We’ll not only be weeding and refreshing the mulch circles around the trees, which helps them to get the water and nutrients they need in their early years. We’ll also be trying some ‘forest gardening’ techniques by planting plants and sowing seeds that are known to help young trees. Come along and learn about these methods, meet other volunteers and help make a healthy orchard for the future.

If you have your own spade, trowel or handfork to bring along, that would be really helpful – and if children have their own child-sized tools, even better. If you don’t have tools, don’t worry, please come along anyway.

You can join our Facebook group, too, to keep up with events and news from your community orchard. And you can check out the orchard section of this site.

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